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April Events:

1st- Make-up day - students in school 


21st - Students return to school - Quarter 4 begins

21st - School Improvement Team Meeting  6 PM

25th - Report Cards go home

29th- First Grade Musical at 7 PM





Kindergarten Computer Lab

Quarter 1

1. Learning about the computer – Computer parts (Whole group) Click here.

2. Learning about the computer - Computer manners lesson plan “Is this Yours?” (Whole group)

3. Collecting Data and making a graph using technology - use MS Excel or Create a Graph - birthdays (Whole group) Directions

4. PowerPoint – create one slide as a class about something they have learned – position words –Sample (Whole group) Directions

Quarter 2

1. Computer Lab Rules PowerPoint - also explain the desktop, opening and closing programs (Whole group)

2. Keyboard practice (Whole group with cardboard keyboards - Print copy) Lesson Plan:

3. Keyboarding practice – Lab

4. MS Word – Alphabet (Keys: Enter/return, space bar, backspace, delete, arrow keys) – Students in the lab

5. Collecting Data and making a graph using technology - use MS Excel or or Create a Graph – favorite color (Whole group)

5. PowerPoint – create two slides on a topic – classifying objects (Whole/small  group)

Quarter 3

1. Keyboarding practice – - Lab Lesson Plan:

2. MS Word – (before the lab) students create sentences and the teacher either writes the sentence(s) on strip or checks the student sentences for editing – (in the lab) student types sentence using MS Word program

3. Collecting Data and making a graph using technology - use MS Excel or Create a Graph – favorite cereal – Lesson Plan:

4. PowerPoint – create three slides on a topic – discuss beginning, middle and end by arranging pictures in sequential order (Whole/small group)


Quarter 4

1. Keyboarding practice – Lab

2. MS Word - Placemat with name in middle and a border of geometric shapes in a pattern - Lab

3. Collecting Data and making a graph using technology - use MS Excel or Create a Graph – Classify shoes - Students classify shoes by various attributes such as color, style, material, etc.

4. PowerPoint – (create as a class in the classroom as a demonstration) create four slides on a topic – title slide, credits slide, include sound and/or animation – option: students create presentation in the lab

5. Introducing the Internet – lesson ideas to introduce the Internet

Easley Website – show students the parts of the website, explain the web address location found on all websites (whole/small group) – Go to and show how websites load and to be patient – note the difference between buttons and images, moving around in the site,  and how to use the back button – now go to and explain how many sites have lots of distractors like ads and what NOT to click on – and what you do if you do click on something you didn’t mean to

Other Kindergarten Lesson Plans


Alphabet animals

Students will use their knowledge of the alphabet and letter sounds to create an alphabet PowerPoint presentation. Each slide will contain a letter of the alphabet, a sentence and the sound that corresponds to that letter.

Bugs, bugs, bugs

This lesson integrates writing and the study of insects by having the students create a book following the pattern of How Many Bugs in a Box? by David A. Carter.

Category fun

This is a unit on categorizing for Kindergartners. It spans approximately one week, using 30-45 minutes each day. It incorporates the use of multimedia.

Computer alphabet

Students will use the computer to create, save, open and print a file called "ABCs." For each letter of the alphabet the student is expected to create a capital (using the shift key), a lowercase, insert a picture that begins with the corresponding letter, and press the spacebar before repeating this process for the remaining letters of the alphabet.


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